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Andrea Whyte

Author, Songwriter, Singer and Pianist.

Branches of the Vine
Inspirational Band of Songwriters, Musicians and Singers

Cheryl in Song
Singer/Songwriter, Psalmist, Pianist

CLQ Band
A three-piece combo plus vocalist specializing in Jazz standards and Classic R&B.

Darcy Wright
Author, Trainer, Volunteer Missionary

Diane Batchelor
Author, Speaker

Eagles Christian Theatre Troupe
Theatre group based in Kingston, Jamaica, West Indies.

Elaine McLaren
Singer, Songwriter and Recording Artiste

Holmes Lindsay IV
An Actor and Performer of the Spoken Word, specializing in inspirational monologues.

Janet Plummer
Author, Motivational Speaker, Training Consultant & Facilitator, Psalmist

Jon Williams
Songwriter, Musician, Producer and Proprietor of Almond Productions Studio

Judith Allwood
Author, Motivational Speaker, Corporate Trainer

Kevin & Robin
The original inspirational Dub Poets of the 20th Century.

Kimberly Plummer
A gifted Graphic Artist and talented Dancer

Marion Jacobs
Motivational Speaker and Trainer in Caribbean Missions

Mark Reynolds
Singer, Songwriter, Musician specializing on Bass Guitar

Michael “Mikey” Bennett
DeeJay/Songwriter, Poet, Mathematician

Morgan Myles
A young and talented Graphic artist

New Creation Generation International
An international, intergenerational, community of worshippers with Jamaican roots.

Robert & Jenieve Bailey
Full time music ministers, affectionately known as the “Sweethearts of Jamaican Gospel”

Vincent Amos
Songwriter/Singer based in Canada


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