Helping hands

Most Caribbean people know that “Every mickle mek a muckle.”  As one erstwhile friend was quick to point out, we are really not altogether sure what a mickle is; or a muckle either, for that matter!

Suffice it to say that the wisdom of our elders would have us know that if you put together the small amounts that you have –whatever that may be, whether money or time or talent– it can make a big difference to the final outcome.  It is the message of collaboration: to make a greater impact together than any of us can do alone!  Enough said of mickle and muckle….

Now let us see how our Helping Hands may together make this world a better place.  Just click on the name of the organization or title below to take you to the subject website, if you wish to help.

Disclaimer:  Clicking on any link below will take you outside the Caribbean Rhythms… Inspirational Gifts website.  CRIG is not responsible for the content on those sites.  Thank you!

Breaking the Links – An organization that empowers youth as peer leaders in the movement to end human trafficking & modern slavery.

Help Lisa-Ann beat cancer – My friend, Lisa-Ann, phenomenal singer and sweet, sweet spirit, is in the battle of her life… for her life. She needs all the prayer and help you can give. Please prayerfully support her cause as you are led.  Support “Help Lisa-Ann beat cancer” by donating or sharing today.  Thanks!

Holmes Hope Project – An actor who draws on his personal experiences to empower Youth with character-building messages of encouragement through dramatic performance.

Jamaica Youth for Christ – A missionary movement entrusted with a global vision and committed to a mission of youth evangelism, discipleship, social involvement and leadership development

Operation Restoration – A remedial learning Center located in the heart of Bob Marley’s Trench Town, Kingston, Jamaica.

Project GDX – An organization that provides mentorship and other assistance to troubled Youth.

Silence Softly Speaks – An organization focused on helping communities around the world combat human trafficking.



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