Michael “Mikey B” Bennett

MikeyB_pic2 Michael “Mikey B” Bennett is based in Kingston, Jamaica, West Indies.

Mikey has been writing poems and songs as far back as he can remember.  He is best known for his deejaying at concerts and in church circles, but that same fascination with words and rhythm has over the years led him to compile dozens of poems.  The poems give us a glimpse into this multi-talented, truly artistic young man, who is always searching below the surface, looking for new meanings and new ways to express them.

From the foreword by Jasmin Reid:
Michael is a young poet whose work reveals depth of thought and feeling undergirded by a Christian philosophy.  Through his poetry, we are transformed from being the casual observer/listener to being a participant in the shared experience.  He is learning “to dance with clarity” but recognizes how language can be evasive in the search for “self-expression found so sweet.”  As the quest for truth, especially on a personal level is never ending, we expect to hear more from the heart and mind of Michael Bennett.

At the time of this writing, Mikey has been a Christian for over 18 years, and lives with his parents and older sister in Kingston.  Although better known for his moonlighting as a deejay/rap artiste, Mikey B, Michael is a gifted Mathematician, who teaches the subject at the High School level.  This graduate of Wolmer’s Boys’ School is a tennis fanatic, who works with computers, and loves to teach Math.

In Pursuit Of Truth
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Thoughts and feelings from a young poet....
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