We bring you the inspirational gifts of the Caribbean, along with its uniquely pulsating rhythms.  Our specialty is inspirational music set to Caribbean beats, distributed and promoted under the Caribbean Rhythms in Gospel label. The Caribbean Rhythms in Gospel collection spans the gamut from the simplest early traditional Caribbean sounds to the thrumming reggae-jazz fusion and includes dub poetry ensembles.

With its North American beginnings in the South Florida area, and initial programming on


WCNO FM and WSWN AM radio, the company now extends to a global audience promoting a miscellany of Caribbean performers, specialties and artforms.  In addition to inspirational music, the catalog now includes Jazz tunes as well as Classic Rhythm & Blues works, at times impishly flavored with a Caribbean influence. We are also booking agents for several Caribbean groups and solo artistes, including the award-winning New Creation Generation International, a global community of worshippers; Cheryl, a Songwriter, Pianist, Psalmist and Jazz singer; as well as Robert & Jenieve Bailey, the sweethearts of Jamaican Gospel; among others.

A rich heritage of Caribbean rhythms and inspirational gifts is available to be enjoyed. Let us bring them all to you.

Be blessed!

CRIG by Eleanor l'Amie © 2015