About CRIG

CRIG – Caribbean Rhythms … Inspirational Gifts and Caribbean Rhythms in Gospel – is the brainchild of Cheryl Spence-Lindsay.  A musician at heart from the very beginning, Cheryl knew firsthand the powerful impact that music has on individuals’ psyche, emotions and disposition.  Caribbean musical rhythms, perhaps even more than most other genre, she felt had the dynamic effect of enthralling and drawing one into its musings.  That impact among Caribbean inspirational music catalog was largely limited to the Caribbean Basin.  Cheryl felt strongly that this impact should be extended to the global audience and made efforts to make it so.

Beginning with a few Radio programs, which she self-financed, in the South Florida territory, Caribbean Rhythms in Gospel was introduced to an audience segment outside the Caribbean region.  From those beginnings, Cheryl planned Tours for Caribbean musical and theatrical troupes, all with the intent of sharing Caribbean Rhythms … Inspirational Gifts with the world.

Along with her personal brand, Cheryl in Song, Caribbean Rhythms … Inspirational Gifts and Caribbean Rhythms in Gospel are administered as Divisions of Eleanor l’Amie, LLC.  Translated from the French as “Eleanor the Friend”, Cheryl plans to help cohorts of artistes in the Caribbean to achieve enhanced access beyond Caribbean audiences for their talented presentations.  One important aspect of her endeavor is encouraging appropriate copyright and licensing for one’s original intellectual property and to respect that of others.  Copyright assistance for Songwriters is one aspect of her services.

Utilizing her training as an MBA in Marketing, Cheryl developed the CRIG web platform as a portal from the Caribbean to the world.  By utilizing the power of social media and the web platform, through Eleanor l’Amie, Cheryl is determined to augment access for Caribbean Rhythms … Inspirational Gifts to the global audience!

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