Janet Plummer

Janet PlummerJanet Plummer is based in Michigan, United States of America.

Janet is author of the children’s book A Long Way From Home. This narrative poem depicts with delightful candor the experience of a feisty eight-year-old as she journeys from her native land to a new country. The main character is a composite of her two eldest children who experienced a similar transition when the family migrated to the United States.

In addition to being a writer, Mrs. Plummer is an Educational and Training consultant who has served organizations and individuals in this capacity across the United States and overseas for several years. Her wide-ranging experience spans a broad spectrum of academic spheres as Teacher/Instructor in Elementary, Secondary and Tertiary institutions, and as an Educational Program Management Consultant.  As a certified English and Special Education Teacher she taught in public, private and homeschool settings in Jamaica and the U.S. In addition, she holds certifications in the fields of Educational Therapy and Critical Thinking Skills Instruction.

In recent years she has focused on Adult Education and has expanded her repertoire to include Soft Skills Training in areas such as Inter-personal Communication, Diversity, Conflict Management and Team Building. Her extensive training and experience has been utilized nationally with such major clients as the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) and the Michigan office of the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), as well as internationally through interactive workshops and various speaking engagements. A strong advocate for effective human interaction and a highly experienced facilitator, she fosters an air of openness and acceptance in her presentations, delivering her message with sincerity and sensitivity. She currently manages the training division of ASK Development Solutions, a Community Development and Training firm based in Southfield, Michigan.

Mrs. Plummer holds B.A. and Master’s Degrees in the fields of Special Education and School Administration and is currently enrolled in a Doctoral program in Psychology, with emphasis on Learning and Cognition.  She plans to continue writing; other projects are already in process.

Along with her Speaking, Consulting, Presentation and Writing Skills, Mrs. Plummer enjoys singing.  She does so when possible with New Creation Generation International, a worship community she currently leads and to which she has belonged since the late 1970’s.

Mrs. Plummer and her husband, Christopher are proud parents of three grown daughters and grandparents to an adorable granddaughter.

A Long Way From Home
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A children's story about immigration from the Caribbean to the United States
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