Judith Allwood

Judith Allwood - picAuthor, Judith (Grant) Allwood is based in New Jersey, USA.

Judith grew up in a family of scant means in St. Ann, Jamaica. Over the years she has not only tried to find her way out of poverty, but has wanted to find the reason for financial lack in the first place. Having been taught that “the cattle on a thousand hills are His” Judith found it difficult to reconcile that with the prevalence of material shortage, especially among “people of God.”
A few years ago, she embarked on a personal query into the tri-subject of money, wealth and riches to find out what God has to say about the matter. Her discoveries have put her on the path of financial peace and betterment. Judith has compiled her findings in a thought-provoking daily devotional entitled, “My God, My Money” ISBN: 978-0-615-34487-4. Many describe this devotional as thought-provoking and inspiring.
Ms. Allwood is also a corporate trainer who has been involved in the Banking and Financial Service industries for several years. She is a member of Christ Church in Montclair, New Jersey.
Reader Review from www.Authonomy.com:
Thank you so much for sharing your devotional. There are so many negative stereotypes which have been created and perpetuated by generations of Christendom and it is a refreshing a new dimension of freedom that He desires to communicate through your writing.

My God, My Money
Price: $13.00
A devotional guide on biblical teachings about money, wealth, and abundance versus one's personal beliefs about money, such as, “Money is the root of all evil”.
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