Jon Williams

Jon Williams_picJon Williams: Songwriter, Musician and Producer. Proprietor of Almond Productions Studio in Kingston, Jamaica, Jon is one of Jamaica’s premier musicians and Music Producers. He works alongside top recording artistes and performers, as well as with international Advertising Agencies.

Himself a musical prodigy who studied at the esteemed Royal Academy of Music in London, Jon is also a Music Teacher at the High School and College levels. His teaching methods promulgate not only musical facts but also profound thoughts on life and living aright.

Jon’s artistry is well known to many and he tours internationally with other esteemed musicians, thrilling audiences with such skilled playing that it is thoroughly enjoyed whether a whimsical folk tune, a majestic piece from the classics or an advertising jingle!

There’s much more of Jon’s music to be enjoyed. Stay tuned….

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One of the earlier compositions from the talented maestro, Jon Williams (of Jamaican fame) this instrumental wends its way thru the crescendo of a rousing nyabinghi drum solo to a serene conclusion. The piece was adapted for the theatrical production, In the Beginning …Jesus album by Eagles Christian Theatre Troupe.

Listen to a sample.

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